Want to get in touch with that sweet spot of limitless possibilities? A space in which the frequency is so high, potent, and infinite;  where anything...View Details

How long have you gone feeling insignificant? Perhaps you still do... You think that you see significance in others and admire their purpose, their di...View Details

If you lead a business from the soul and you're focused on changing lives and carrying out your mission, this meditation will help you get grounded, c...View Details

In order to be successful at fulfilling your soul's mission and building a sustainable business, there is a hierarchy of needs that a coach needs to f...View Details

Whether you are a new or experienced coach, healer or soul-service provider this week's episode will show that an easier more aligned way to marketing...View Details

Do you know what you are put on this earth to do? Since I was a little girl, I would look up at the sky and ask “Why am I here?” I would get this deep...View Details

Did you know you take your own power away from manifesting/creating what you want when you look outside to the external? We tend to base our sense of ...View Details

Ep.78: How to Receive

Of course you want to receive what you desire... who doesn't? And yet you may be less open to receiving than you think... Being fully open and willing...View Details

Do you just want to throw in the manifestation towel every time you hit a difficult day? Well, rest assured that manifestation is not meant to be per...View Details

5 lessons that I wish somebody had taught me years ago! I have built two six-figure businesses, birthed 2 beautiful children, thrive in a loving marri...View Details

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